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Kostenloser Rückversand!

We to repair laptops & computers 🙂

Computer repairs with lots of  and 🙂

We are a local, flexible repair store centrally located in Zurich-Oerlikon. Any device is welcome at our shop, be it MacBooks, iMacs, PCs, GamerPC, simulation computers, CAD workstations, servers, laptops or workstations. We are dedicated solely to repair and celebrate each of these successful repairs. We love to extend the life of "old" equipment that would otherwise end up in electronic waste.

Since we also cater to spontaneous customers who can bring their devices to us at any time, and the route to our workshop is conveniently located, we can keep the time it takes to complete a job to a minimum. If not possible, you can also send in your laptop.

Jobs that do not require a long wait can be completed quickly on the spot. Up to five minutes of support is free of charge. We offer our customers services that are handled professionally and with the most up-to-date knowledge. It is our focus on training and development that defines our high quality. Constructive and mutual dialogue is very important to us, therefore we inform in a transparent and understandable way, so that our respect and appreciation come across.

For possible inquiries you can call or write to us and we will solve your problem!

Die häufigsten Reparaturen

Display Austausch Laptop

Display Repair

Backcover Repair

Powerjack Repair

Keyboard Repair

Fan Repair

Purchase Recommendation

Windows MacOS Installation

Insurance Offer

Battery Replacement

Diagnosis Laptop / PC

Mainboard Repair